Earlier today on Levack and Goz we were joined by pro football Hall of Famer and former Buffalo Bills head coach Marv Levy. We asked Coach Levy what the Buffalo Bills should be looking for in their next head coach.

The ability to teach to get across within the framework of his own personality…Secondly, a man who is going to work well with others in the organization because a total organization wins… and third be a straight shooter. That’s very important and I’ll give you one more. Only bring in players of solid character. Ability without character will lose.

The Bills franchise has not been able to reach the success that Coach Levy had while guiding the team. We asked Coach if he had any interest in coming back to coach even though he is 91 years old.

[If] they offered, I might do it. It was one of those things where after 47 years of coaching I really needed to get that deep breath to step aside but after a couple of years passed I very much would have liked to come back… But I’d do it but I’m not deluding myself to think that the offer would come. If the offer did come I sure would consider it. Sure.

To hear the entire interview with Coach Levy click the video below.

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