I have a list of coaches I'd love to see take over for the New York Jets about a mile long because any name that isn't Adam Gase is a name I like. So why in the world am I saying that Rex Ryan needs to return? I'm saying it because he has a true passion for the franchise and if coupled with the right offensive coordinator I think he could really excel in the post Bill Belichick era of the AFC East.

It doesn't take a football genius to see that Adam Gase and current defensive coordinator Gregg Williams not only don't care about the organizations but they don't care about the players or fans either. The loss to the Las Vegas Raiders was an absolute joke. Calling for an all-out blitz when all you need to do is keep the Raiders out of the endzone to get your first (and probably only) win of the season was ridiculous. Either the Gase and Williams regime is more inept than we thought or they threw that game. Rex Ryan would NEVER throw a game. If a Ryan-led team were to lose you'd see more pain and anger from him than anyone else. As a matter of fact, Rex shared his thoughts on the play this morning on "Get Up" "Dumbest call I've ever seen, It's just stupid. It's just absolutely stupid."

The more I think about the pairing of Rex Ryan and Joe Douglass the more I like this idea. Think about the GM's Ryan had to deal with in his first stop in New York, Mike Tannenbaum who hired Ryan and wasn't terrible but when he missed on a draft pick it was usually a big miss, and John Idzik who was just not a good GM at all. Douglas has that same "build a bully" mentality as Rex and with the number pick could give Ryan something he's never really had as a HC, a franchise Quarterback. Closest Rex has ever had was Mark Sanchez and he made it to an AFC Championship game with him.

My final and potentially biggest selling point on Rex Ryan is you'll never need to guess who's in charge of what. There will never be any of this one guy is the head coach of the offense and another is the head coach of the defense crap ever again. Rex will be the boss and that'll be that. PLUS Rex Ryan is fun no matter what else is happening. He works in New York with the Jets.

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