Did you watch WWE in the height of the Attitude Era? X-Pac is a name you should remember quite fondly!

A prominent member of the stable in WWE, Degeneration-X, X-Pac whose real name is Sean Waltman won numerous championships. He was a tag champion on quite a few occasions with partners like Kane, Bob Holly, and Marty Jannetty. He has a few European Titles to his name also. He also is the final WWE Light Heavyweight Champion, winning that championship in 2001.

You may also remember him from his WCW days as Syxx, where he also had won numerous more championships.

My favorite X-Pac match is from 1993 when he went by the name "The Kid". Monday Night Raw versus Razor Ramon where he beat him with a moonsault pin combo.

Sean Waltman will be at Heroes Hideout on July 13th, and more info is here on their Facebook page about the meet and greet and pricing.

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