A wrestling icon from a far removed era. Jake "The Snake" Roberts, he is coming to the Capital Region!

I was just a touch removed due to age from this genre of professional wrestling. But as any fan would, we know and have seen the incredible moments created by Jake Roberts. How can you not know of the wrestler who carries a snake to the ring?

Some remember him for his devastating finishing maneuver, the DDT. Some look back fondly for his intense yet quiet promos on television. I look at this man as a true legend.

In 2014 Roberts received his long overdue WWE Hall of Fame induction. This man has gone through hell and back to get there. If you haven't seen the movie on Netflix about Jake, please do.

June 18th. Mark the date, Heroes Hideout. Jake "The Snake" Roberts will be there and you can meet him. More from their facebook page here!

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