From YouTube:

Comedian Heywood Banks song Memorial Day strikes a nerve. Sure it comes off as funny, but it is true because as a country that is how we see Memorial Day. It's just another long weekend for shopping... and as he puts it, "Oh yeah, something about guys who died for our country". Thanks Heywood, maybe people.

This is totally spot on. Most people think of things other than those who died for our country on Memorial Day. It's BBQ, mattress sales, and drinking heavily. It's really about remembering those who died serving in our armed forces. Yes, there are parades and tributes, but mostly it's thought of as the start to summer.

So, do something to honor the memory of those who have passed. Thank a vet, put flowers on the grave of someone who served and died for their country, or at the very least, say a prayer because soldiers losing their lives are what it made possible for us to go on living free.