The Miami Heat continue to be ice cold in crunch time.  They're turning choking into an art form.  Miami's latest collapse against the Chicago Bulls affected them in one interesting way.After losing to the Bulls 87-86 on Sunday, coach Eric Spoelstra said that some of the Miami Heat players were moved to tears after the game.  More on tears in a second.  First, the choke job.

I read a quote in a Yahoo! column written by Kelly Dwyer that said this: "In shots taken with less than 10 seconds to go in the fourth quarter or overtime, with Miami trailing by three or fewer points, the Heat have gone 1-for-18 this season."

That is absolutely brutal.  After the latest loss to the Bulls, LeBron James told his teammates that he will not continue to fail late in games.  LeBron definitely has all of the tools to make good on that comment, but seeing is believing.  King James has been Peasant James in crunch time this year.

As far as the crying?  I don't have a problem with it at all.  Sure, it would be easy to make fun of them for looking like babies, but they simply want to win.  They're sick and tired of failing at the end of games.  I can understand that.

People always complain about athletes who supposedly only caring about the money.  This is another example that illustrates how horrible that opinion is.  Miami better figure out a way to be productive when games are on the line though.  They'll be crying plenty more tears if they can't.