On Wednesday, Michael Phelps made U.S. Olympic history. The most decorated athlete in U.S. history is heading to his 5th Olympic Games in Rio.

With his victory in the 200-meter butterfly, Phelps solidified his qualification for the U.S. team, becoming the first U.S. swimmer ever to achieve the feat.

"With everything that's happened and being able to come back, that was probably harder than any swim I've had in my life," Phelps said.

Phelps was referring to the many life-changing events that has happened since the London Games in 2012. Phelps had his first child, got engaged, and unfortunately, was arrested for his second DUI.

Dara Torres became the first U.S. swimmer ever to achieve the feat back in London and congratulated Phelps after qualifying.

"I just said, 'Welcome to the club,'" the now-retired Torres said. "Just to see his emotions and how excited he was and relieved, it was really nice to see."

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