Former Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World "Iron" Mike Tyson is back in fighting shape and he's been looking for the right opponent to prove it against. GOOD NEWS!!! It looks like he found his man former champion in MANY weight classes "Superman" Roy Jones Jr. I know not everyone, including Goz, won't get as excited for this fight as I am but I am fired up to see these two former champs mix it up.

The reasons to not get excited are obvious, here I'll list them. Both fighters are "over the hill" Tyson is 54 and Jones Jr is 51, It's been 15 years since Tyson fought and 2 since Jones Jr fought and most younger fans don't really know these two. Those are legit concerns but I'm telling you after years of watching both of them if there's even a glimmer of hope they can rekindle those flames of greatness in this exhibition bought, I'm all in.

Here's how I see it going, Tyson and Jones are gladiators. They may walk in thinking "we'll take it easy and put on a show, then count our money" (it's important to point out Tyson says all his money will go to charity) BUT all it will take is one punch that lands a little harder than the other expects and this thing will erupt into a war. I have no idea what the Triller app is but I'll find out between now and September 12th.

Original Docu-series KNOCKOUT Season Two Finale Weigh In - LIVE fight Sunday, August 16 at 7pm ET on NUVOtv
Rich Schultz
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