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Mike Tyson Is Going To Fight Roy Jones Jr And I Can’t Wait!
Former Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World "Iron" Mike Tyson is back in fighting shape and he's been looking for the right opponent to prove it against. GOOD NEWS!!! It looks like he found his man former champion in MANY weight classes "Superman" Roy Jones Jr. I know no…
Mike Tyson Knocks Out Soulja Boy In New Rap NSFW [VIDEO]
Chris Brown and Soulja Boy are in a beef. I for one couldn't of cared less until Mike Tyson got involved. Apparently Soulja liked a pic of Chris Brown's ex online so Brown called Soulja and threatened to fight him. Next thing you know Floyd Mayweather is training Soulja Boy and Mike Tyson …
Mike Tyson Continues To Be Top Story On 1045 The Team [VIDEO]
In a world dominated by how terrible the NFL is it's nice to see that Mike Tyson can still steal a headline. Watch this video to make sure you've seen the top stories on 1045theteam.com.
Tyson snaps on reporter!
Player fakes death
Matt Holiday hits monster homerun....
Mike Tyson Snaps On Canadian Reporter On Live TV [VIDEO]
Iron Mike Tyson was north of the border promoting his one man show which you might of seen on HBO. During his trip he met with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. Oddly enough with everything Ford has done (google the crack head) this Canadian reporter thought Tyson could be bad for the Mayor's image.
Think You Know Mike Tyson?
Mike Tyson's life story is the gift that keeps giving.
And giving. And giving.
At one time he was the baddest man on the planet, a heavyweight champion who terrorized anyone who got in his way, inside the ring or out. More recently he's unburdened himself as perhaps the most tortured soul on earth, wi…
Toughest Opponent In “Mike Tyson’s Punchout”
Earlier today on "The Noe Show," we played the theme music from the video game "Mike Tyson's Punchout" and Brian Noe got all gushy with memories from his childhood. With his momentary flashback came this question - who was the toughest opponent in the video g…

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