The Manny Machado free agency tour has presumably concluded after only three visits. The shortstop (or is he a third baseman?) is sure to be one of the highest paid players in Major League Baseball history, but for what team exactly?

There are zero questions when it comes to Machado's talent, but there are some concerns when it comes to his character based on the final months of the 2018 season. Machado comment to Ken Rosenthal about not being "Johnny Hustle" still circulate every time the possibility of a $300 million contract are discussed. The Chicago White Sox have made strategic moves this offseason playing to Machado's personal life. Chicago traded for Machado's brother-in-law Yonder Alonso and the White Sox might just prove to have the most money to spend.

The Yankees are often the most desirable destination for players given the franchise success and popularity and that might be what ultimately wins over Machado because I don't think it will be the offer that bowls him over. The Phillies opened the offseason proclaiming themselves as ready to spend "stupid money", but that has yet to happen with Machado and Bryce Harper still hanging in the balance.

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