While you were enjoying your Memorial Day holiday with family and friends, Major League Baseball wasn't making many friends with their holiday fashion idea.

For the 4th consecutive season, MLB decided to have all of their players wear Stars and Stripes Caps on Memorial Day, July 4th and 9/11.  I like the idea but I hate the execution.

Since 2008, the MLB has honored veterans throughout the nation during these holidays as part of its national fundraising and awareness initiatives for "Welcome Back Veterans", a program which addresses the mental health and job needs of returning American Veterans.

Major League Baseball Properties, Inc will donate all of the proceeds it receives from the sale of the caps to Welcome Back Veterans. In addition, MLB.com will donate at least $1 to Welcome Back Veterans for each cap purchased through mlb.com.


But aren't these hats supposed to be fashionable so people would want to actually buy them?  If the proceeds are supposed to benefit a charity and no one is buying them because they are heinous, how does that help the charity?

The 2011 edition of the "Stars and Stripes" collection are the worst special edition MLB hats I’ve ever seen.

The back of the hat is blue and then the front of the hat was white with a blue brim.  The caps have the American flag etched into the team's logo.

Really?  Who thought this look was a good idea?

1987 called, they want their little league hats back.  Those things look so chinsey and small time.

This charity fundraiser dates back to 2008.  And it's a great idea to honor America while paying homage to our countries heroes.  But at what point is enough enough?

I'm all about helping out a good cause but do I have to look like even more of a dork to do it?

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