This year will be many first for the world of sports, including the Major League Baseball Playoffs being held in a "bubble". Some of the changes form this season will be one and done but you could see some changes stay long past the COVID-19 pandemic. One change I think will stay is playing the World Series at a neutral site.

Before you baseball purest freakout hear me out on why I not only think it'll happen but I actually like the idea. First of all this year has become the perfect test run for any idea that couples safety with convenience. So after the MLB Wild Card round of the playoffs, all teams will funnel into four locations for the Divisional round, two for the Championship round, and ultimately the World Series will be played in Arlington, Texas. You can read the full playoff layout HERE. If this works logistically which I assume it will I see MLB moving forward with a set destination for all future World Series. It'll be cheaper for the league, they can keep it in warm weather or domes, and it becomes a destination like the Super Bowl.

I asked ESPN MLB Insider Buster Olney if he thought this was a possibility and he seems fairly confident the future of the World Series will be set neutral locations. Listen below to hear what Buster said.

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