The League Championship Series is officially set in both leagues. In the American League the Toronto Blue Jays battle against the Cleveland Indians.

In the National League the Chicago Cubs take on the Los Angeles Dodgers. This fall your home for the Major League Baseball Playoffs is 104.5 The Team. Below is our schedule for our coverage of the games. Times indicate when our coverage begins, while first pitch of the game is scheduled for 30 minutes after

***Schedule is subject to change***

Fri Oct 14               Toronto Blue Jays @ Cleveland Indians(1)       7:00pm
Sat Oct 15         Los Angeles Dodgers @ Chicago Cubs(1)       7:00pm
Sun Oct 16       Los Angeles Dodgers @ Chicago Cubs(2)       7:00pm       
Tues Oct 18       Cleveland Indians @ Toronto Blue Jays(4)     3:00pm
                Chicago Cubs @ Los Angeles Dodgers(3)              7:00pm
Wed Oct 19        Cleveland Indians @ Toronto Blue Jays(5)    3:00pm*
               Chicago Cubs @ Los Angeles Dodgers(4)                  7:00pm
Thurs Oct 20      Chicago Cubs @ Los Angeles Dodgers(5)      7:00pm*
Fri Oct 21        Toronto Blue Jays @ Cleveland Indians(6)         7:00pm*
* - If necessary