Each Monday at 4pm Levack and I recap the weekend  in a segment called "Monday Mirages". Does it having lasting power, or is it just a one week mirage? This week it was the NBA Finals that dominated the discussion. Are the Cleveland Cavaliers ever going to get close to beating the Golden State Warriors in this series? For the first time in a recent NBA Finals, is another player actually playing better than LeBron James in this series?  The Chicago Cubs are sitting outside of the playoff picture. Should the concern be real about last year's world series champions? Albert Pujols blasted his 600th career home run this week. Real or mirage he is the greatest right handed hitter of all time? The summer movie blockbusters are sequels and super hero movies. Should people go see the newest super hero movie Wonder Woman? What's real and what is just a mirage?  Find out below from this week's edition of Monday Mirages.


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