Each Monday at 4pm Levack and I recap the weekend  in a segment called "Monday Mirages". Each week we are presented with an event that happened over the weekend. Levack and I debate if that event could continue to happen in the future or if it is just a one week occurrence. This week one of the first topics  was on Giants super star wide receiver O'Dell Beckham Jr. Beckham Jr had an incredible game this past Sunday which included over two hundred yards receiving and two touchdowns. Is O'Dell Beckham's crazy antics actually good for the Giants? In Major League Baseball, the Cleveland Indians advanced to the World Series with a five games series win over the Toronto Blue Jays. After taking down one of the best teams in the American League, are the Cleveland Indians now a legitimate threat to take defeat the National League's best? Real or Mirage? Find out below from this week's video below live from TJ's Flightline Pub