Each Monday at 4pm Levack and I recap the weekend  in a segment called "Monday Mirages". Does it having lasting power, or is it just a one week mirage? This week we kicked things off later than usual as we followed the New York Yankees home opener. We continued to keep that early focus on the of the New York Yankees season. Can Michael Pineda repeat a performance like he had this past Monday afternoon? Will Gary Sanchez be able to rebound after his bicep injury? Sergio Garcia was the winner of this weekend's Masters tournament. Will Garcia be able to win another major championship in his career? After having an historic collapse against the Atlanta Hawks this past weekend, should there be real concern involving the defending NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers? Plus is 13 Reasons the best show on Netflix so far in 2017? What's real and what is just a mirage?  Find out below from this week's edition of Monday Mirages

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