Week 1 of the NFL schedule wraps up with a doubleheader which you can hear on 104.5 The Team. The afternoon gets kicked off as Levack and Goz broadcast live from The Hideaway. The guys are guest free today, so make sure you leave comments on 104.5 The Team's social media platforms to make sure your opinions are heard. Then 104.5 The Team's coverage swings over to Giants-Steelers pregame at 630pm. Kickoff between the two teams is set for 7:15pm. Following game one coverage, 104. 5 The Team will bring you coverage of the Tennessee Titans taking on the Denver Broncos. (Please note, due to NFL black out restrictions, 104.5 The Team's app will not be able to stream the games)

What teams will win the final two match ups of the NFL's Week 1 schedule? Steelers or Giants? Titans or Broncos? Give us your prediction for the games by leaving a message on the free 104.5 The Team app below.

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