Oh, these tricky hockey players and their silly antics. This prank is actually pretty funny. Other pranks in sports? Not so much.

There are plenty of pranks in sports that really aren’t that funny at all.  There’s the old placing-bubble-gum-on-a-baseball-player’s-cap trick.  That has never appealed to me.  Also, giving a baseball player the silent treatment after hitting a home run rarely does it for me either.  However, the lead-us-out-on-the-ice trick is pretty darn funny.

The Montreal Canadiens drew 17,000 fans at an open practice on Easter Sunday.  How cool is that?  17,000 strong for an open practice?  That’s seriously awesome.  The Canadiens pulled a prank on rookie Nathan Beaulieu.  The rook thought that he was fearlessly leading everybody out on the ice when he was actually just leading himself out there.  Funny stuff.  These jokester hockey players cracked me up with this one.

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