So many New York residents and businesses were hit hard during the pandemic. People lost jobs, restaurants reduced hours or closed altogether and some never opened again. Same can be said for local and national retail shops. Then a weird trend started to happen.

Have you seen the shoplifting videos? People enter a retail location to literally take whatever they want and walk out the front door without paying. Arms full of clothing, baskets filled with electronics. Now we have a case of the shoplifting happening from inside Target in Saratoga County.

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Troop G of the New York State Police indicate that the Target distribution center in Wilton, NY reported missing items from their location. The complaint listed several items with a total value of around $1,400 are missing and suspected stolen.

On Wednesday September 21st, New York State Police concluded an investigation into the missing items complaint and discovered that, former Target distribution center employee, Latrell C. Pinellas was responsible for the stolen items.

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35-year-old Latrell Pinellas of Moreau, NY was arrested following the police investigation and is now charged with Grand Larceny in the Fourth Degree which is a class “E” felony. Pinellas was released and is now expected to appear in Wilton Town Court next month.

Even though this is a case of larceny, or stealing, this crime is more serious than petit larceny. With the total over $1,000, this becomes Grand Larceny. According to New York Attorney Stephen Bilkis, this charge does not have a mandatory sentence but a judge could send him to prison for up to 4 years.

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