Sugar Shane Mosley lost a unanimous decision to Manny Pacquiao on May 7th.  That wasn't the most embarrassing moment of the evening for Mosley though.

Sugar Shane Mosley was caught asking his corner to throw in the towel for him by Showtime cameras.  Manny Pacquiao knocked down Mosley in the third-round and gave Sugar Shane a steady diet of left hands.  Mosley was clearly hurt and out of gas at the end of the fight.  The MGM Grand Garden Arena crowd in Las Vegas booed loudly in the final rounds due to a lack of action in the fight.

Sugar Shane was just simply trying to remain upright.  It was an unfortunate performance by Mosley who was simply overmatched.  It was also possibly an unfortunate ending to a strong career.  The footage of Mosley asking his corner to stop the fight will be included in "Fight Camp 360: Pacquiao vs. Mosley - Episode 5."  It can be seen on Saturday, June 4th on Showtime at 8:45pm.