This past Monday, Goz during Levack and Goz's Top 5 at 5 offered his top five best first seasons in television history. The list is not the "Greatest Shows of All Time" or "greatest cancelled shows after a first season" but a list of the best shows with an all time great first season. Some of these shows can be great for you to binge on if you are working from home or you are off from school. Listen to Goz's explanation for each pick below.

(Remember Goz decided not count "Reality Shows" in his list of best season 1's ever. Make sure to continue to follow 104.5 The Team next month for a special feature on reality shows)

5-Freaks and Geeks- NBC

4-House of Cards-Netflix




Do you agree with the list? What shows would you have added? What shows would you have taken off of Goz's list? Let us know you thoughts below.


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