I do not have the exact location of this home. The owner wants it kept secret. What you are about to read is a true story and has be confirmed by people who are paranormal experts.

In 2004 a family moved to Saratoga Springs from Rochester New York. They found what they thought was an idle house. The family of two adults and two children moved in thinking they rented their dream house. It became their worst nightmare.

First Sign of Trouble

The woman who rented the house said:

"It was a beautiful old house with three bedrooms. Unfortunately, it got scary the longer we lived there. When we first moved in, the radio would occasionally turn on full volume. When my friend came up to visit us (I moved there with my husband and two children) we were sitting in the living room chatting about our lives so far, and we heard a loud crash in the kitchen.

We ran out there to find all of the drawers and cupboards open and everything scattered on the floor. This was quite strange because everything was child-proofed and nothing was broken. About a month later, my children were playing in the living room, and Rochelle turned toward me to show me her LEGOs, and the firetruck sitting next to my 8-month-old son flew up and hit her on the head."

All was quiet for about a year, the only thing happening was some
unexplained chatter on the radio. The younger daughter started having nightmares
They could hear people whispering at night, some close some far away.

She continued:

"However, in the morning when I went up to get Peter, his room was always how I left it. It got really creepy in the winter of '06 when Peter was starting to talk. I would come up early in the morning and his toys would be all over the place and he would be angry, saying, 'Make boy stop playing my toys.' If I told him there was no boy, he would get angrier so I tried to ignore it."

Finally the family had enough and moved out. After they moved
the landlord told them that the house used to be a mental institution where many people had died. She also realized that the rent she was being charged was too low.
$900 for a 2000 sq ft home.

The house still stands today.