It's a tradition that many of us can't remember when it started, but the Super Bowl just isn't about the big game anymore - it's about the ads too!

Each year, companies dump millions upon millions of dollars for ad placement during the big game. And each year, many who don't care about football sit down to just watch them.

In fact, 55% of Americans will sit down on Sunday to just watch the commercials. No surprise in the study, 67% of women are most looking forward to the ads versus 44% of guys.

Ads continue to be an important part of the full Super Bowl entertainment package, especially for women. For brands, this is the one time each year when over 100 million people will engage with their message.

Not just notice it, but beg the room to quiet down so they can hear it, and then post and tweet about it. No wonder advertisers line up to pay $4 million for a spot. - John Sawyer (Gravity Six Alliance/Grey Matter Group)

With many sitting down and viewing on Sunday, what about those companies that release their ads before the big game? A mere 15% said they view the ads online that are released beforehand. Some companies are using big name celebrities to help tease their ads, but will this help?

We're starting to see some of those this year like using buzz-worthy celebrities in teasers about the ads. We'll just have to watch how that turns out - Gregg Palazzolo, Palazzolo Design

Earlier this year, a report came out that said most of the ads don't really sell anything because the brand gets lost in the message. But that doesn't stop the companies from trying to put forth their best to impress you.



Super Bowls Ads - Do They Actually See Anything?

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