As times change, NFL teams are putting more emphasis on their back-up quarterback situations. Rookie QB Brock Purdy famously took the San Francisco 49ers to the NFC Championship game, after replacing two injured Niners play-callers during the season.

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On the other side of that, the New York Jets squandered a playoff chance because they never wanted to put a back-up plan in place with fear of hurting the feelings of their delicate QB Zach Wilson. But that's the Jets and no one uses them as an example of "what to do." As for the Buffalo Bills, if they want to add an MVP quarterback to their insurance play-calling plans for 2023, it seems like that option is out there.

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On a recent podcast, picked up by Buffalo Bills beat writer Ryan Talbot of, Cam Newton included Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills as one of ten quarterbacks that the former MVP quarterback would be "willing" to back-up. Newton has made it clear that he feels that he is better than some starting QB's in the NFL. Talbot noted that back in 2020, Cam Newton expressed his admiration for Allen. “I’m a big fan of Josh and he’s actually getting coached by a person I know extremely well in Ken Dorsey. He was my quarterback coach the year I won the MVP.” However, Allen wasn't #1 on his list. Actually, the Buffalo QB was far from the top.

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Newton had Josh Allen as his #9 play-caller on his "back-up wish list," with Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson as his #1 choice. The former Carolina quarterback noted that some of the jobs he put on the list may not be available, “When you think about the list, it’s really to the point. Some of those guys may already have penciled in backups that franchise is probably okay with and that’s fine. I’m just voicing my own opinion and I’m just getting the narrative out.” Maybe he should have said he was just sending his resume out to those teams. Why could Newton end up in Buffalo?

Newton did not play in the NFL in 2023. To that point, Talbot noted that "the quarterback would probably want to land in a spot where he has some familiarity with the coaching staff." Newton has past relationships with head coach Sean McDermott and general manager Brandon Beane.

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