So my girlfriend was doing a craft show in Lake George this weekend and I came along to keep her company. The show was Friday, Saturday, and Sunday so we booked a room at the only hotel that had any rooms available: the Windsor. First off, the whole motel is pink. Every thing is pink. The room was clean but otherwise it was like a prison cell at a high-end federal prison (Don't ask how I know) The owner was super nice and we hardly were in there anyway.

Lake George should be renamed "Little India"almost everyone I saw was Indian. Lovely people but it struck me as odd the entire crowd was either indian or city people from Queens. We may boat on the lake but locals don't stay there!. We ate at a supposed Mexican place on the main drag. The first warning sign was there are no Mexicans working there. Not one but there were loads of Russians. It looks like the Russians have taken over the lake, much like they did Coney Island. Note to self: Russians can't make Mexican food.

Next trip I'm booking early at the Fort William Henry or the Sagamore.