The 2016 United States Men's Basketball roster is set for the Olympics in Rio:

While names like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Anthony Davis, Steph Curry and Dwyane Wade are missing from the roster, the team still boasts all-NBA stars including Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant.

Anthony is the first 4x men's basketball Olympian as the often embattled Knicks star has shown a commitment to his country over the years. He has played on the U.S. team since the 2004 games.

Durant is also back to help lead the squad. Joining them are Harrison Barnes (Warriors), Klay Thompson (Warriors), Draymond Green (Warriors), Jimmy Butler (Bulls), DeMarcus Cousins (Kings), DeMar DeRozan (Raports-FA), Paul George (Pacers), Kyrie Irving (Cavaliers), DeAndre Jordan (Clippers) and Kyle Lowry (Raptors).

Despite missing several stars, the U.S. team figures to be heavy favorites for a third straight Gold Medal. Spain will likely be the biggest threat to the U.S. chances for Gold.


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