The High School basketball season is beginning this week after much anticipation. Shen boys basketball coach Tony Dzikas keys us on how preparing for this season is different and how his kids are handling it. Make sure to listen above!

RODGER'S QUICK TAKE: Trevor Bauer played the Mets perfectly, and then got exactly the offer he wanted from the Los Angeles Dodgers. Bauer made it sound like he wanted to pitch in New York for the Mets, and Owner Steve Cohen threw $105 million on the table to make that happen. Once the Mets made the initial offer, all the Dodgers needed to do was come close, and they did. Bauer wanted to return to his hometown and never had any intentions of pitching for the Mets. Bauer knew exactly what he was doing all along. Mets are better off, because Bauer might have been more trouble than what he’s worth.

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