It's 2006 all over again as the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat face off once again in the NBA finals.

The Miami Heat officially punched their ticket into the NBA finals last night with there come from behind win over the Chicago Bulls 83-80. They will be facing a familiar team in the Dallas Mavericks, who they beat in 2006 for the title.

This time around I think things are a little different. Both teams have new faces and new styles of play. The Dallas Mavericks like to wear you out up and down the court and drain three's to put the game out of reach. Miami on the other hand will hang in there with you for three quarters and then turn it up in the fourth quarter and beat you late. That strategy is pretty crazy because emotionally it will drain you if you are consistently losing close games it will wear on you.

I really like Dirk Nowitzki for Dallas in this match up. He has totally changed the way he plays from 2006. He is much more aggressive and goes inside more often, but still maintains that terrific outside game that he has. He also has some big help in Shawn Marion and Jason Terry who are also very dangerous with the ball in their hands. Veteran point guard Jason Kidd rounds this team out with his experience and leadership skills. Not as big a scorer as he use to be, he is still fantastic at finding the open man which is what makes him one of the best at the position all time.

Miami has there fair share of weapons as well. Dwyane Wade is still the leader and heart of this team but has taken a bit of a back seat to Lebron James. These two guys will wear on you all game. You can double team one of them, but that leaves the other open or they can dish it out to Chris Bosh or Mike Miller.

The Finals begin on Tuesday from Miami, where the Heat have played very well all season and during the playoffs. I am rooting for the Mav's and will probably break out my Dirk jersey at some point.