In perhaps the biggest news pertaining to the New York Knicks in this year's free agency period, seeds of doubt have been planted as to whether or not point guard Jeremy Lin will indeed be in playing as a Knick next season after today's batch of moves.

The Knicks agreed today on a sign and trade deal with the Portland Trail Blazers to bring former Knicks Raymond Felton and Kurt Thomas back to the Big Apple in exchange for Dan Gadzuric and Jared Jeffries. This gives them two point guards on the roster as it is in Felton and the recently signed Jason Kidd.

This begs the question: is it possible that the Knicks won't match the three year, $25 million offer sheet the Houston Rockets sent to Lin? We will find out by 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday night. I think that the Knicks should let him walk, for what it's worth. Felton boasts a better assist to turnover ratio and has had a body of work of more than two good weeks.

Everyone's favorite sports topic, the Dwightmare, raged on through the weekend with new trade rumors swirling. This time, the Lakers and Cavaliers have re-entered the fold of potential trade partners for the grumpy big man.

Some reports on the negotiations included a situation in which Howard went to the Lakers, Cleveland landed Andrew Bynum, and Orlando got picks, young players, and cap relief with which to rebuild the franchise. This scenario seems like a win-win-win, but I'm counting on either Dan Gilbert screwing it up or Howard randomly re-signing with the Magic to drag this storyline out for another year.

Portland and Minnesota appear to be the two finalists to secure Blazers gunner Nicolas Batum. After rejecting trade offers from the Timberwolves that have included first round picks and even former number two pick Derrick Williams, the Blazers may now have to match an offer sheet from Minnesota in the neighborhood of four years, $46 million. $46 million for a guy who averaged 13.9 points per game last year. What lockout?

The New Orleans Hornets have matched an offer sheet from the Phoenix Suns to retain sharpshooter Eric Gordon. The offer was four years, $58 million and bolsters a young nucleus in New Orleans that could contend in the Eastern Conference if it reaches its potential. On a side note, Gordon already said that his heart was in Phoenix after signing the offer sheet. Returning to the Hornets will surely lead to be an awkward conversation about that tweet between Gordon and Hornets management.

Brendan Haywood's amnesty auction was won by the Charlotte Bobcats, who will pay $2 million to have him on the team while the Dallas Mavericks will pay the other $6.3 million of his salary next season.

The Brooklyn Nets are still stockpiling players, signing point guard CJ Watson to a two year deal worth the veteran's minimum ($1.3 million). Watson put up solid numbers last year with the Bulls both as Derrick Rose's backup and the starting point guard when Rose went down with injuries throughout the year.

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