The inaugural N-C-Double-D Tournament on is here!  There are several close battles in the first round, including one that shouldn't be.Beyonce is in a tight battle with Jessica Simpson.  At last check (2:00pm on Saturday, March 12th) Queen B had a narrow 52-48% lead on Jessica.  This is beyond me.


How in the world is Beyonce not mopping the floor with a has-been like Jessica Simpson?  It isn't the early 2000's anymore.  Jessica Simpson is old news and her Daisy Dukes have long been retired.  Just sayin'.

Beyonce continues to look lovely.  Beyonce continues to be relevant.  If Queen B somehow doesn't advance to the 2nd Round in the 2011 NCDD Tournament, this will be an upset that would even trump Santa Clara beating Arizona in the NCAA Tournament.  It would be an upset of epic proportions and I would question the judgment and voting capability of the good people in the Capital Region.