Add another name to the list of former Brooklyn Nets assistant coaches.

Head coach Steve Nash will have another spot to fill, as assistant coach Mike D'Antoni will step away from his full-time coaching duties with the Brooklyn Nets, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. D'Antoni completed his first season with the organization in 2020-21, a year that saw the injury-plagued Nets fall in the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs to the Atlanta Hawks.

While some may have expected this to be health or family-related, neither appear to be the case. Rather, D'Antoni has his eye on a different prize.

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Here's the tweet from Woj reporting the news:

D'Antoni is no stranger to head coaching jobs in the NBA, having coached right down the street at Madison Square Garden with the Knicks from 2008 to 2012. He most recently coached the Houston Rockets, and had a very successful stint in Texas. His teams made the playoffs each of the four seasons he was there, and finished with a winning percentage above .600 in the regular season every year, too.

It was D'Antoni's decision not to return to the Houston Rockets, opting not to further pursue an extension, and instead join Steve Nash's staff in Brooklyn. One would have to imagine that the veteran D'Antoni helped the rookie Nash quite a bit, and the impact of losing him from his staff may be larger than most fans think.

For now, however, it's onto the next destination for Mike D'Antoni. After being a finalist for the Portland Trail Blazers job, it's clear that he still has a seat on the NBA coaching carousel. The question now, is where?

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