The popular subscription based network, Netflix, will be raising their monthly fee for customers starting in January 2021.

Some new Netflix users may have already seen an increase in their weekly monthly fee. Next month, according to a report from, existing Netflix customers will begin to see the increase on their bill. The company announced in October 2020 that the monthly fee would increase. For standard plans, the price has increased from thirteen dollars to fourteen dollars. For the premium plan customers, their price has shifted from sixteen dollars to eighteen dollars a month. Netflix's premium plan includes

-Four screens you can watch at the same time

-Four phones or tables you can have downloads on

-Unlimited movies and television shows

-Watch on your television, phone or tablet

-HD and and Ultra HD available.

I am a Netflix subscriber and I use the basic plan for $8.99. The basic plan will continue to stay at $8.99.

Why is Netflix deciding to raise their prices in 2021. According to CNN, Netflix chief operating officer Greg Peters addressed the decision in a recent call and said the following.

The core model we have, and what we think really our responsibility and our job is, is to take the money that our members give us every month and invest that as judiciously and as smartly as we can, If we do that well... and make that efficiency and effectiveness better, we will deliver more value to our members, and we will occasionally go back and ask those members to pay a little bit more to keep that virtuous cycle of investment and value creation going.

Netflix is home to wide variety of popular movies and television shows. Sports fans will be happy to know that the popular The Last Dance documentary about the 1990s Chicago Bulls was added earlier this year.

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