We have all seen the commercials for Visa about the “Never Miss a Super Bowl Club”. It’s this group of guys that do whatever it takes to get a free trip to the Super Bowl from Visa.  You won’t believe what one of these Jerks did to get to a game.

What would you miss for the Super Bowl an anniversary? wedding? Funeral? The chance to have a kid?????? YUP

That’s right Larry Jacobson gave up the right to adopt his child to attend the Super Bowl in the 70’s.  The child was going to be born on or around the Super Bowl, and the birth mothers only request was that the perspective parents be at the birth of their child.  Larry said to hell with that and went to the Super Bowl instead of becoming a parent.

THE DUED GAVE UP HIS KID. I want to find this kid, and I hope he is a freaking doctor or lawyer or something along those lines. Just a kind of FU almost dad, you didn’t want me and now I’m curing cancer and defending poor people court JERK.

I’ve given up a lot for stupid things like to do comedy shows, and take jobs all over this country. I’ve lost relationships, friends, a dog ( I lost him somewhere in South Carolina), and an entire collection of Coleco Vision games. But I’m pretty sure I would never give up my child to go spend a million bucks on a crappie t-shirt and crappy seats at a game that my team isn’t even in.