It's very easy to breakdown Super Bowl XLV.  In fact, all you really need is one word - turnovers!

Pittsburgh committed 3 turnovers while the Packers didn't commit any.  Green Bay turned all of those turnovers into touchdowns.  That's 21 points!  And when you turn the ball over in the playoffs, it's very difficult to overcome.

All week long, all of the talk centered around the Steelers Super Bowl experience - Pittsburgh had been there & done that while Green Bay had never played on the biggest stage.  Well, Green Bay looked like the veterans while the Steelers were the ones that "pooped their pants in the post-season."

First, it was a Ben Roethlisburger interception which was returned for a touchdown in the 1st quarter.  And then it was another Roethlisburger pick in the 2nd quarter which led to another TD.  But the turning point of the game was Pittsburgh's 4th quarter fumble.

Facing a 2nd down & 2 at the Green Bay 33 yard line, it looked like the Steelers were going to take the lead for the first time in the game.  They had fought back from a 21-3 deficit and were starting to build momentum.  But Rashard Mendenhall fumbled and Green Bay recovered - and Pittsburgh never recovered from there.  Green Bay scored a touchdown to go up 28-17 and held on for the 31-25 victory.


Super Bowl MVP Aaron Rodgers was great (304 yards passing, 3 TD's) but I felt like Pittsburgh totally blew it while Green Bay just capitalized.

I honestly thought the game was very anti-climatic.  Just when you thought Ben was going to lead the Steelers to another victory in the 4th quarter, the game just ended.  An incomplete pass on 4th down put an end to Roethlisburger's perfect Super Bowl run while giving the Packers their first title since the Brett Favre days.

Maybe the Packers did know what they were doing when they chose this Rodgers kid over Favre a few years ago, huh?