The NFL has done some major damage control after they over sold the Super Bowl, but their gesture might be to little to late.

The NFL had an issue yesterday with the temporary seating structure that was supposed to seat some 1,250 fans.  It didn’t meet the city of Arlington’s fire code for temporary seating structures in big ass arenas “Article 27 c).After finding this out the event staff, following the 2011 Cowboys team mantra of “o well”, Said F**k it and took a Papa Johns Pizza time out and never finished the seating.

I have no problem with lazy nature of the bleacher building crew at the stadium, I have a problem with the way they approached the whole situation.  1,250 were showing up tickets in hand ready to watch something that some people would consider the highlight of their lives, only to be told “make like a tree and get out”.  They eventually found seating for 850ish of the 1250 leaving 4 hundred out in the cold (yup I did that math on my own).

To make it up to the 400 they gave them 3 times the face value of their 800 buck tickets, which is in the market of 2400 bucks.  Which is great but the average ticket was trading hands for around 3500 dollars just outside the doors. Which means that some of these guys may of taken over a 1000 dollar hit because the NFL Thinks they can set bleachers up in front of fire exits (This isn’t India Mr. Goodell) and get away with it.   On top of that they offered the 400 people a room to watch the game in, a chance to go on the field, and tickets to next years Super Bowl (Which very well could be the Bills v Lions for all we know).

This isn’t enough in my book; the NFL builds this game up like it’s going to rain money and porn at half time, and if you don’t show up you can’t get into Heaven.  You can’t bill your self as the “can’t miss event” and then make people miss it with out suffering a huge loss your self.  These people should be compensated with regular and post season tickets, free NFL Sunday Ticket for life, Flat Screen TV’s, an Aaron Rodgers strap on beard, something to make the game memorable. If This happened to me I’d be calling for Roger Goodell himself to com be my waiter during the game, I would have Brett Farve come show me his twig and barrys in person not in a grainy cell phone pix, and then I would have had my self written in the 85 Bears Super Bowl Shuffle. If all those demands were met I would consider forgiving the NFL.

Let’s be realistic here, these peoples shelled out some major coin just be in Dallas between hotel and transportation. Plus I doubt that all these people paid just the face value, 800 bucks, to be at the game. Compensate these people fairly with a free trip next year plus pay the expensive this year and then you will be even. Last I checked the NFL isn’t in danger of going out of business any time soon.  Cough* Cough* March Cough*.

No One wants to see this.