The court has announced it is going to that it is going to introduce more evidence in the Barry Bonds perjury trial. Now the defense has their foot in their mouths.

It was announced this week that the prosecution is going to take Barry Bonds fat head and fat feat into evidence in the perjury trial.  Bonds head grew like he was injecting Lavitra right into his melon. The defense is going to have Mike Murphy, former clubhouse manager of the San Francisco Giants, testify about Bonds becoming the first real life bobble head. I mean the Size of his hat going up over the course of 20 years or so.

On top of the fat head are the fat feet he had at the end of his career. An unnamed Nike employee is stepping forward to testify that Berry Bond has giant freaking feet (you know what they say about a guy with big feet, they say he has small balls from all the steroids they are taking.). I know a guy here with triple E wide feet and he got that way from KFC not HGH.  Are we really going to judge a guy on the size of his feet? In that case Ronald McDonald has been booting steroids for years.

And they say there are no roids in golf

What does all this mean it means that Barry’s body changed over the cores of 22 seasons? Who cares? I’m turning 27 in a month and in the last year I started growing hair on my heels does that mean I’m doing roids? No it means that your body is an ever changing thing. It’s the same principle behind high school reunions; we go to see who got fat and who got hot.

She was in Drama, and man did that class pay off

All that said I think Barry did the steroids and HGH, I just don’t think it’s worth destroying a man’s life over a game and how he played it. IT would be like you getting stabbed for cheating at Monopoly. Don’t say you don’t cheat at Monopoly, everyone cheats at  Monopoly.

Take that bitches