Yes, it's a bar. Yes, it floats- and it even has a motor! The Harris Bay Yacht Club has launched the Floating Tiki Bar, only the second one on the East Coast.

From the Times Union:

Even on a lake where strange and wondrous craft are not unusual, a new motorized tiki-bar raft is going to be a remarkable and remarked-upon sight during this boating season. Launched onto Lake George from a crane at the Harris Bay Yacht Club on the first day of summer, the boat-bar hybrid is believed to be the only one of its kind outside of Florida, where the first version was launched in February by a new company called Cruisin' Tikis.

If this is a hit, we might see many more floating bars. This does mean you can down a few beers while driving, but not too many- you don't wanted to get rammed my the Mini, Ha Ha. I once shot a water cannon at the boat. They were not pleased when I broke a window!