As the weather has finally started to improve and we're looking to spend more time outdoors there is a new threat of Ticks in the Northeast. Multiple reports are warning that Ticks and Tick born illnesses could be on a serious rise this Summer. So please check out these articles to prepare yourself for a Summer of outdoor sports.

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According to an article from Boston 25 News there's potential for a "Tick Explosion" this Summer.

"They're up and looking for a host hoping something will walk by that they can latch on," said Dr. Thomas Mather, the Tick Guy.

Mather said this season is prime for ticks, and his website, shows the type to watch out for in New England this season is the deer tick - because it spreads Lyme disease.

"It's very important because around here it's the worst for Lyme disease more than anywhere else in the nation," said Mather.

Put that story together with reports of some kind of "Super Tick" found in New Jersey and I'm started to panic a little bit.

An exotic tick variety has been discovered in New Jersey, the state confirmed.

"It has the potential to infect multiple North American wildlife species," the New Jersey Department of Agriculture said in a news release last week.

An East Asian tick (Haemaphsalis longicornis) was found on a farm in Hunterdon County, the first known instance of the tick in the U.S.

The tick also was found on a white-tail deer at the Watchung Reservation, 40 miles away from the farm where it was originally spotted, agriculture officials reported on Wednesday.

Finally right here in the Capital Region Spectrum News is also warning of the danger of Ticks and that they are "Back in Full Force" this year.

The state Department of Health says ticks are back in full force, and as the temperature rises, so does the number of ticks.

The sudden appearance of these ticks is catching some pet owners off guard, but there are ways to protect your pooch from the little suckers.

Special collars and combs can keep the bugs at bay.

As for yourself and your family, ticks carry the threat of Lyme disease and other illnesses, and experts warn you to avoid contact.

Well I'll be inside watching Yankees baseball and playing video games all Summer if you need me.

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