Not safe for work..Maybe not safe for anyone LOL
A new Yankee Clubhouse

So the Yankees lose yesterday 7-1 to the Mets. This just after trading some of their most valuable players. Had to happen. Then they lose to the Mets 7-1 and Vic goes wild. This rant is about the current condition of the Yankees and shows Vic at his angry best. This is NOT SAFE FOR WORK or KIDS. Vic likes four letter words and uses them freely in this version of "Yankee Clubhouse" We are going to try and bring Vic to Albany for some shows his stand up is hysterical and of course we will have him as a guest in studio keep checking back for more details.

As a bonus Vic goes off about the Apple iPhone……
Also not safe for work..

Vic is a die hard Yankee fan and just a angry guy who just happens to be right about most things. I also post his new rants on this blog.