Peyton Manning has been officially introduced as the Denver Broncos quarterback, so whats left for Tim Tebow?  The Broncos could trade him, and the Jets are reportedly very interested. 

Tim Tebow is still a member of the Denver Broncos, for now.  With Peyton Manning coming into run things in Denver that leaves Tebow pretty high and dry.  It's been said that he wants to stay a starting quarterback, which would mean leaving Denver.  The Broncos might be happy to do so, if they can get something in exchange for him.

One team who's interest in Tebow apparently went up overnight is the New York Jets.  Despite just signing Mark Sanchez to a new three year contract extension, they are interested in bringing in Tim Tebow.   The Jets also just signed former Lions quarterback Drew Stanton, so what Tebow's role would be is not clear, and the Jets are not commenting on the situation.

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