Frequent customers of the sandwich chain Subway have a unique opportunity in front of them: you could win free Subway sandwiches for the rest of your life. it's an incredible prize for those that enjoy their subs, but in order to qualify, you would have to make one drastic, life-changing decision.

So, New Yorkers, I ask you, just how much do you love Subway?

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Subway Offering Free Subs for Life for Customers Willing to...Change Name?!

A story from CNN and other outlets detailed an announcement from the sub sandwich chain Subway, in which they stated that if you legally change your name to Subway, you will win free “Deli Hero” subs for life. You'll have to hurry up, however, as the contest is currently underway, and will run through August 4th.

If you think this contest might be right for you, and you're willing to go by Subway from here on out, check out

Subway Settles Not-Really Foot Long Sandwich Litigation
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Admittedly, I think this is absolutely hysterical. In the age of social media and viral content, you KNOW that at least one person will legally change their name to Subway for clicks, retweets or whatever other metric they measure their viral status.

On Subway's end, it's a win-win scenario. They automatically get free publicity (I'm far from the first person to write an article about this) simply by announcing the contest. Then, in the event that someone actually does change their name, that's another win from the public relations side of things.

Analysis Of Subway's Tuna Sandwich Finds No Tuna DNA
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Lastly, I want to bring up a quote from Oscar Wilde, who wrote that life imitates art far more than art imitates life. That quote was proven true through this contest, as the genius minds behind the comedy series Community created an episode based on this exact same concept.

Behold, the first-ever human version of Subway:

What a world we live in. Eat fresh!

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