After a long winter, our thoughts start to turn to getting out and about in Upstate New York.  Our state parks are getting ready to welcome thousands of visitors this spring and summer and we hope you will go on a visit too!

This list of 11 New York parks is, well, not really all state parks.  For a reason.  Sure there are many state parks mentioned here, some big and some not so big.  But all are great.  We include this variety because while huge crowds will flock to our famous state parks like the Adirondack State Park or Letchworth State Park, not many will find Riddell State Park for example.  And they should.  Like I said, all of these are wonderful

I put two exceptions on this list, a city park and a wildlife refuge.  The county park (in Binghamton) is on the list to illustrate that all parks are not gorges and waterfalls and ice fishing and camp sites.  Many of our great city parks offer refreshing, beautiful green spaces for us to visit and enjoy with our families. And so Otsiningo Park is on here as representative of all of our amazing county parks.

The wildlife refuge?  Well, is is one of the best in the country.  The Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge, located in the Finger Lakes region, is astonishing. I am a big fan. Not a park, for sure, but it is about as up close and personal to nature as you can get without being in a zoo. I hope you will read that post and put this incredible place on your "must see" list for you and your family this summer.

So, warm weather is coming.  Get up and get out!  Here is a list to help you plan your route!

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