This list looks at the ten smallest school districts in Upstate New York.  There are some amazing things to check out.

First almost all of them are exclusively in the rural stretches of the Adirondack Park and the North Country.  Many of these schools have total school enrollments of the size of an average graduating class!  In fact some of these schools routinely have graduating classes of a dozen or less.

The schools are usually far from other larger districts that they could possibly merge with, but haven't.  For various reason.  Each of the ten schools has a link to the school's webpage and a bit of information about the village it is located in.

NOTE:  This might be an imperfect list as things change rapidly in today's world.  Mergers come up, get voted on, go down in flames, or start the process of connecting with another school.  The information mentioned in this list is as current as I could find on the school's data pages.  ALSO....there are smaller schools than these.  However, I have decided to include only schools that have a full K-12 grade study program.  There are several smaller schools which cater to a specific group, or population and therefore are not open to the general public.  There are also several smaller schools than these that do not have a graduation class.  They educate only a few select, younger class grades. Sometimes they identify themselves as "common schools."

For example, the North Greenbush Common School District is usually listed as the smallest one in the state.  I did not include it because it educates only a few select classes today.  Still, the story of "The Little Red Schoolhouse," going strong since 1861 is a charming one!  It is also one of the last active one-room schoolhouses in New York State.

These Ten Smallest Upstate New York Schools Keep Teaching Their Kids The "3 R's"

These are the ten smallest school districts in New York (by enrollment). Notice they are almost exclusively located in the rural parts of Northern New York. Still, credit must be given for the historic nature of these special schools.

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