Some minor transactions involving your New York baseball teams this offseason:

The Kansas City Royals have signed former Met Dillon Gee. Remember, the pitcher who we all loved at one point and then was jettisoned to AAA because he isn't as good as Noah Syndergaard?

Well, the World Champion Royals think Gee could be a fit for their team, as they've given him an extremely friendly contract:

March 2nd is an extremely early opt-out date that would give Gee the freedom to sign somewhere else if not being utilized by the Royals on the 40-man. Given that deal, it stands to reason he has a good shot of sticking in KC.

Gee went 40-37 for the Mets in his career, with his best year being a 13-6 performance in 2011.

Also in New York baseball news:

Jones has been a big-leaguer since 2007, with most of his years coming with the Pirates. He spent last year with the Yankees. He played in 57 games with five home runs and 17 RBIs. He hit just .215.


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