Those poor Jets. They can't get anything to go their way in 2014. It's gotten so bad that even Florida hates them. Some guy from Reddit took a survey to find out the most-hated NFL teams in each state.

It makes perfect sense that rivalries play a big part of this "hate map." It's understandable that Wisconsin hates the Bears, and that the entire Midwest is jealous of the Packers success.

It also makes perfect sense that Washington hates the 49ers due to the Seahawks/49ers rivalry. And conversely, we understand why California hates the Seahawks right back.

I get why New Orleans hates Atlanta and vise versa.

How's the map look to you? Does it jive with what you think? What did the Jets do to you, Florida? The Dolphins/Jets rivalry can't be thattttt bad, can it?