Fansideds' NFL Insider Matt Verderame joined Levack and Goz to preview the 2019 NFL Draft. During the conversation Verderame let us know what he thinks the three New York NFL teams will do in the Draft. It became pretty clear that his opinion of Giants' General Manager Dave Gettleman was mixed to say the least.

When asked what he thought about Dave Gettleman's draft strategy and personal moves, Verderame chuckled and said how entertaining the GM is. Listen below because it's clear the laughter is not from a place respect for Gettleman's strategic decisions. The tone echos that of many frustrated Giants fans wondering why you pay Odell Beckham Jr, Say you "didn't sign him to trade him" and then trade him.

Will the Giants address their QB needs or truly go best available player? We all find out together tonight when the Giants enter the draft with the 6th and 17th picks in the first round.

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