Were do the Giants rank after that loss? Were did the Bills end up after that crazy game in KC? Are the Jets getting enough credit? Pats get what they deserve? Find out here.

NFL Power Rankings After week 1
1 Packers 1-0 The Packers Attack was a aggressive as their quarterback Aaron Rodgers
2 Patriots 1-0 I wanted to put them at number but sadly the Packers had just as good of a showing
3 Ravens 1-0 The Ravens went out and blew up the Steelers and the reputation
4 Eagles 1-0 Vick looked Amazing in his win over the rams.
5 Jets 1-0 Mark Sanchez can flat out ball with the weight of the world on his shoulders
6 Bears 1-0 Jay Cutler was the QB that Chicago had waited for  him to be, now the question is can he stay that way
7 Saints 0-1 Battled hard but still couldn’t slow down the Packers, the D needs a lot of work.
8 Texans 1-0 They did what we expected but with a lot more umm points and D.
9 Chargers 1-0 The Charger are gearing up for another year of dominating a weak division.
10 Steelers 0-1 Booooooo, come on man you’re better then that … 7 turnovers is not Steelers football.
11 Lions 1-0 Lions Beat a good team in Tampa to start there season the right way.
12 Falcons 0-1 Are You kidding me with that loss, you were my Super Bowl favorite
13 Cowboys 0-1 Tony Romo is getting a lot of flack for a blocked punt.
14 Jaguars 1-0 Big win with a young guy, looks like they made right choice at quarterback
15 Cardinals 1-0 A shoot out, the defense needs work but I think Kolb looks better in red.
16 Buccaneers 0-1 Lost to the Lions but there is still hope for this team
17 Redskins 1-0 Big win  over the G-men and a strong showing  by Rex Grossmen moves them up the list
18 Raiders 1-0 Run DMC is the way to be look for an interesting time out in the AFC WEST
19 Bills 1-0 Did I just see what I though I Saw. A well balanced attack
20 Rams 0-1 I don’t know why they are here they are injured and looked bad
21 Giants 0-1 I don’t know what happened but this team looked like  a bunch of rookies chasing a  greased up football
22 49ers 1-0 This was a good win I think over the seahawks
23 Colts 0-1 Nope this is not the colts I’m sure they have just been swapped out with the bills
24 Vikings 0-1 Hahaha McNabb is terrible
25 Titans 0-1 Yah gonna be rough fans
26 Dolphins 0-1 Better then I thought but still terrible
27 Chiefs 0-1 The bills did this to you
28 Panthers 0-1 Cam Jam is gonna be a lot of fun to watch
29 Broncos 0-1 Tim Tebow is gonna start soon, look for them to go lower
30 Bengals 1-0 They won and they lost there crappy quarterback  so they are lower
31 Browns 0-1 They lost to the Bengals
32 Seahawks 0-1 WORST TEAM OUT THERE