The NFL has instructed game officials to watch out for concussion symptoms this week.  Officials are being more educated on how to spot potential head injuries during games.


Last week Chargers guard Kris Dielman suffered a seizure as a result of head trauma, and now the NFL is asking it's officials to be more aware of head injuries suffered on the field. This week NFL refs were brought in the by the NFL safety panel this week to learn how to spot the concussion symptoms.

We're not trying to train the officials to be doctors, but we're asking them to treat (concussion symptoms) like other injuries that may make it necessary to stop the game and get (players) medical attention, either on the field or by getting them off the field.

-Greg Aiello, NFL's vice president of public relations

The NFL safety panel is made up several doctors and this week they discussed other protocols that can be taken in order to avoid a situation like Dielman's.  By making the officials aware, they can better alert team medical staffs about a serious injury.

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