Earlier today on "Armen and Levack" with Brady and Goz filling in for the guys, we heard from Peter Landesman, the director of the film "Concussion." The movie, which is an expose on the post-career issues plaguing many NFL players, is a powerful film.

We asked Landesman what the NFLs reaction has been to his film and he said he hasn't heard from the league. We also asked if he had to cut anything from his film and got a strong answer:

"Man I’m just out to tell the best story I can. I could care less what the NFL thinks. Like if I had a great scene of Roger (Goodell) and I thought it was important and it belonged in the movie I would have laid myself across the tracks to keep it in the film. I could care less what their (The NFL’s) feelings are. I’m not worried about the NFL’s feelings."


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