Yesterday, an unbelievable long form piece debuted on which accused the Patriots of establishing a culture of cheating over the last 15 years -- and that Roger Goodell helped cover it up.

The story says that Goodell helped cover up "Spygate" and helped sweep it under the rug and that he was behind helping destroy evidence in the case.

The story also says that Goodell came down extra hard on the Patriots during "Deflategate" as a way to make up for his lack of action with previous Pats' infractions.

We brought in Matt Verderame of's NFL Division to talk about this situation in New England.

Does any of this reflect badly on the former commissioner Paul Tagliabue? Who looks worse, Kraft or Goodell?

Why would Goodell go out of his way to punish the Pats in Deflategate when he was willing to cover things up just years earlier?

All that and more...

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